The best milk supplement clinic is not as important as 7 things you should know !!
คลินิกรักษาโรค โรงพยาบาล สาธารณสุขต่างๆ

The best milk supplement clinic is not as important as 7 things you should know !!

Became a socially acceptable thing to breast augmentation Thailand for women It seems that women tend to have more breast augmentation compared to many years ago. Which needs to bring to the question of the best milk supplement clinic If you want to speak directly, use the service with a clinic that has a certificate and a medical professional will be better. If it is a barbaric clinic, it is definitely not good, but what is more important than anyone else is the 7 things you will read.


Good clinics are not as important as safety.

Quality and safety are important issues, said by dr. Peera thienPaitoon, a specialist in cosmetic surgery and facial enhancement. Chairman of PSC Clinic has good advice and tips. “7 things to know !!! Before adding breasts “to consider making decisions


เสริมหน้าอก มีกี่แบบ
วิธีที่นิยมทำกันมากที่สุดในปัจจุบันคือการเสริมทางรักแร้ เพราะไม่เห็นรอยแผลเพราะต้นแขนจะบดบังไว้


  1. Things you should know before surgery

Like general surgical preparation Breast augmentation is a big surgery. Must use a skilled surgeon Most patients require anesthesia, fasting for 24 hours, the minimum is 6 hours, usually fasting after midnight before the actual surgery. And refrain from drugs that cause bleeding easily, such as aspirin. For those who are afraid of breast augmentation surgery The medical team will use anesthesia.


  1. How many types of breast augmentation?

2.1.) The surgery on the advantages of the nipple is the surgical incision of the breast directly, making the wound not long, but the disadvantage may be numbness.


2.2.) Armpit surgery The advantages of having an armpit wound No body wounds But some people say that work requires hands. Which will hurt about 1 week


2.3.) Surgical area under the breasts. The disadvantage is that there will be a wound throughout life. Most of this method is used for patients who want to correct breasts or patients who have breast augmentation and have breast problems.


The most popular method of surgery is armpit surgery. Because he didn’t see the wound because the upper arm was obscured Will be difficult to observe And if you want to look natural, you have to look from the patient’s chest if the chest is small, but the silicone size is too big. It’s not natural Like a narrow room With a very large person entering Therefore must be put in moderation And depends on the characteristics of the silicone used If using water droplets, it is natural.


  1. Ladyboys with breast augmentation Unlike other women?

Ladyboys have a lot of testosterone. Will have more chest muscles than women and muscles are quite strong The surgery must be very exertive. If missed, can cause lung damage. Be careful.

In addition to strong muscles In most cases, she needs extra breasts that are larger than other women. Want a very large size The surgeon therefore requires expertise. Because it is harder to do than women But Ladyboys take good care of themselves and therefore do not have problems after surgery.


Which silicone size is better?
ค่าเฉลี่ยทั่วไปของหญิงไทยคือ 200-250 cc นั่นคือแบบธรรมดา แต่ถ้าต้องการใหญ่ขึ้นไปก็ 300-350-400 cc


  1. What size sine silicone is suitable for you?

Breast augmentation is measured by the width of each chest. By measuring the diameter from the nipple to the bottom of the milk Is the diameter The general average of Thai women is 200-250 cc. That is normal. But if you want to go up to 300-350-400 cc, you need to look at the breast size. If the patient is small The breast base is small but needs a large size and then transforms into a high silicone. If the patient has a wide breast base, it must use a wide shape. Will look natural


  1. After the surgery will have a serious pain?

If the patient performs under the armpit surgery, it will hurt the armpit slightly. And will hurt the breast that expands somewhat But now there is less pain in the past In the past, patients had severe pain. But nowadays there is a medical evolution that helps the patients less hurt


ที่ทางแพทย์แนะนำให้พัก 24 ชั่วโมง


  1. How long does the patient recover?

When patients recover, they want to go home. The doctor recommends resting for 24 hours because after using anesthesia, resting for 24 hours, because wearing a breathing tube may cause swelling of the breathing tube after 24 hours. If there is no swelling, you should go home.


  1. How is the membrane that may occur after breast augmentation?

Membrane can occur, whether it is nose surgery or other surgery. If wearing foreign matter into the body Or even the wound in the membrane is a thin tissue that is under the skin Is responsible for covering the muscles and ligaments in the body to group together into a membrane group in the body to make the silicone solid Suggest that the patient knead the chest to make the membrane thinner when caught naturally.


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